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About us

COMPANY INFO Eminet World Ltd

Eminet World Ltd Is worldwide leader provider with high standards for our service, since our foundation 7 years ago. We strive to have the best practices guidance to ensure more time for your active trading. We started this project because we have a genuine interest in trading forex and have seen a lot of pitfalls and also a lot of pros and cons with different forex trading platforms. With our experience we have identified that successful currency trading requires knowledge, experience and a disciplined approach to the market.

We've been proud to connect independent traders to the potential of trading in the last 7 years, today we continue to challenge ourselves to provide traders with what they need to succeed, either you are an experience trader or new trader you will find the information and tools to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Officially Registered Company #13298132

We have discovered some of the most-traded financial markets which we present to our trader for variety of opportunities for those who decide to take them. With over 7 years of experience and our state of the art of the platform we are happy to present our experience and knowledge to new and experience traders alike.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or completely new to it, we’re here to help you find freedom in the financial markets.

Some of our services are:
  • Our award-winning web-based platform
  • Get friendly, expert support 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Cryptocurrency, Forex and precious metals Trading
  • Clear, competitive pricing. No complicated schemes, no small print.
  • The best referral programs

By delivering an exceptional trading experience with low and consistent cost we expect to earn your trust and loyalty, we value each and every customer and traders. Since our launch over 1 million people worldwide have chosen our platform as their trading partner and thousands of new traders continue to join us every month, that is why our priority in security and our clients is first, to guarantee a safe environment in we which all our traders and partners can achieve financial success.

Eminet World Ltd WHY CHOOSE US?
Competitive Pricing Maximize your potential with straightforward pricing choices to suit your trading style, by selecting on our handcraft investment plans.
A team of experts Our team provides the information that drives markets so you can forecast potential price movement and seize forex trading opportunities.
Transparent Get the most out of every trade with our clear, competitive pricing. No complicated schemes, no small print.
Our Clients We strive to provide you with the ultimate experience, about online trading, constantly building our ways to serve and looking to improve the way our clients invest in financial markets.
Licensed and Regulated We adhere to strict regulatory requirements. This dictates the way we conduct our business and includes a commitment to treating customers fairly, so you always know exactly where you stand.
Dedicated support, 24 hours a day Our dedicated Client Services team is available for you If you happen to experience any technical, trading or account difficulties, you can quickly and easily get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team.
Eminet World Ltd Company Management

Since our start in 2013, we've become one of the most reliable forex trading websites. Among the you can be confident that when you're trading with us, you're trading with experts. Our management team is always ready to face the ever-changing challenges the trading world offers.

Eminet World Ltd Goals and objectives

We aim to provide tight spreads regardless of market volatility, delivering competitive and reliable pricing our primary objectives as company are described next:

  • Control exactly when and how your trades are executed with our platform to help our clients get amazing trading experience.
  • To provide a free Risk-management environment to help our traders around the globe to secure potential profits and minimize losses.
  • To growth as a company and be at center of the online trading experience
  • Expand our services to other markets.