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Our investment plans are designed to help either those with experience or those who are new to the trading scene. Also, our investment plans are able to ensure good returns with minimum risk involved.

Choose any of our investment plans that will help you reach your financial goals. Only a well-defined investment plan can give you that. So, before making a trade be sure to select a plan according to your needs, the important point to note down is that one of our top priorities is the safety of customer funds so you can invest with confidence.


Prepare for your investment with a preview with our interest profit calculator, this provisional calculation gives you a window for a more informed investment decision.

Note: The profit calculator is used as a preview for decision making but actual investment revenue may vary and might not be 100 % accurate as the calculator considers ideal situations for investment, used it as a tool to gather investment previews and information.

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Company Information What is EMINET WORLD LTD .?

EMINET WORLD LTD was formed to serve the investors worldwide to trade online Forex, CFD and many other financial instruments in a way that’s never been seen before. We focus our energy to inspire investors and open new opportunities for them to trade in the largest and most liquid global market.

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  • Crypto currency

We work every day to ensure we can deliver the best online trading experience in the market to enhance our clients’ trading by making the right decisions as we protect their profits and future.

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Affiliate program of Eminet gives to thousands of traders an easy entry to the global financial markets. Invite your friends through your affiliate link to make profit through a network of share investment. Through our Referral Program, we reward those who are helping us to build the dynamic community.

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Why choose us OUR ADVANTAGES
Private & Secure EMINET WORLD LTD is dedicated to provide to our client security and safety of client funds, both of which are reinforced by our multiple teams of security that guarantee a safe environment for our clients.
Fast withdrawals Fast payments and flexible solutions to suit your business model, with clear withdrawal processing, waiting for your funds is reduced to a minimum.
Legal Entity EMINET WORLD LTD . means investing with a regulated and licensed broker, based in the United Kingdom. Our registration number #13070695
Officially Registered Company #13298132
Company Ltd. was formed, and the beta platform with a select group of interested investors was released. watch the document
About US Company Information About US

EMINET WORLD LTD is worldwide leader provider with high standards for our service, since our foundation 7 years ago. We strive to have the best practices and guidance to ensure more time for your active trading. We started this project because we have a genuine interest in trading forex and have seen a lot of pitfalls and also a lot of pros and cons with different forex trading platforms. With our experience we have identified that successful currency trading requires knowledge, experience and a disciplined approach to the market.

We've been proud to connect independent traders to the potential of trading in the last 7 years, today we continue to challenge ourselves to provide traders with what they need to succeed, either you are an experience trader or new trader you will find the information and tools to help you achieve your financial dreams.

more information
EMINET WORLD LTD has worked on its platform since the start of the project with a series of features the help our traders to have the knowledge and tools to reach their goals. read more
Forex Trading Our primary way of investing with our global research team identifies the information that drives markets so you can forecast potential price movement and identify trading opportunities.
Digital Exchange The cryptocurrency exchange market is still relatively new and has a big earning potential for smart and experienced investors, just like the team of Eminet
Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin mining is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Miners provide security and confirm Bitcoin transactions. Without Bitcoin miners, the network would be attacked and dysfunctional. Mining has a magnetic appeal for many investors interested in cryptocurrency and we provide the tools and the platform needed to simplify this form of investing.
Startups With our experience, platform and tools we assist new financial and trading startups by helping them solidify their position through investments, long-term trading and establishing their financial goals.
01. Development of our own crypto token November 2021

With our platform in constant evolution, we have provided a roadmap for new tools and information that will be available for all our traders. We enforce robust bank review and monitoring guidelines that are always updating in our platform. Get the most out of every trade with our clear, competitive pricing. No complicated schemes, no small print through our evolving platform.

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